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Out of hours IT support services

In today’s non-stop business world, IT challenges don’t adhere to a 9-to-5 schedule. That’s where Fortem’s out of hours IT support comes in. Offering expert IT assistance beyond traditional working hours, we ensure that your business remains connected, secure, and efficient, no matter the time. Experience the peace of mind that comes with knowing you have a dedicated IT support team available whenever you need them.

Our out of hours IT support services

Fortem’s out of hours IT support provides a comprehensive suite of services to keep your business’s IT infrastructure running smoothly around the clock.

24/7 monitoring

Continuous surveillance of your IT systems to identify and address issues proactively.

Emergency IT assistance

Rapid response to urgent IT problems, ensuring minimal downtime.

Network support

Expert management and support for your network systems during out-of-hours.

Data backup and recovery

Secure backup solutions and swift data recovery services, available at all times.

Software updates and maintenance

Scheduled updates and maintenance tasks performed outside of your peak business hours.

Custom IT support plans

Personalised support plans tailored to meet your specific out-of-hours IT needs.

Why choose out of hours IT support?

Fortem’s out of hours IT support offers key benefits to ensure your business remains productive and secure, even when the regular workday ends.

Reduced downtime

Keep your operations running smoothly with immediate support for any IT disruptions.

Enhanced productivity

Maximise your business efficiency by resolving IT issues outside of peak hours.

Improved security

Benefit from enhanced security monitoring during vulnerable out-of-hours periods.

Flexibility for remote and global teams

Ideal for businesses with remote or international operations needing round-the-clock support.

Cost-effective solutions

Avoid the expense of extending in-house IT hours with our cost-efficient out-of-hours support.

Peace of mind

Enjoy the assurance of knowing your IT infrastructure is supported at all times.

Out of hours IT support FAQs

What exactly does out of hours IT support entail?

Our service includes IT monitoring, emergency assistance, network support, and routine maintenance conducted outside standard business hours.

How quickly can I expect a response in an out-of-hours emergency?

Our team is committed to rapid response for any out-of-hours emergencies, aiming to address and resolve issues as swiftly as possible.

Is the out-of-hours support suitable for businesses with international operations?

Absolutely, our support is ideal for businesses operating in multiple time zones or with international clients.

Can I customise the out-of-hours support to fit my business needs?

Definitely. We offer customisable support plans to align with your specific requirements and business operations.

How does out-of-hours support handle data protection and security?

We adhere to strict security protocols, ensuring that your data is protected, even during out-of-hours support.

Are software updates and maintenance included in this service?

Yes, we handle software updates and maintenance tasks during out-of-hours to minimise disruption to your business activities.



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