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Public cloud services

Embrace the vast potential of cloud computing with Fortem-IT’s public cloud services. In the dynamic digital age, public cloud services offer unprecedented scalability, flexibility, and innovation for businesses of all sizes. Our expertise in public cloud platforms, including AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud, enables us to deliver powerful, tailored solutions that drive growth and transformation. Join us in harnessing the power of the public cloud to catapult your business into a new era of efficiency and competitiveness.

Our Public Cloud Solutions

Fortem-IT’s Public Cloud solutions encompass an extensive range of services to optimise your cloud strategy and enhance business operations.

Public cloud strategy and consultation

Strategic planning and consultation to align your public cloud initiatives with business goals.

Cloud migration and deployment

Efficient migration and deployment of your applications and data to the public cloud.

Managed public cloud services

Comprehensive management of public cloud environments to ensure optimal performance and security.

Cloud security and compliance

Robust security solutions and compliance management within public cloud platforms.

Cost management and optimisation:

Cost-effective strategies and solutions to manage and optimise your public cloud spending.

Custom application development in the cloud

Designing and developing custom cloud-native applications to leverage the full capabilities of public cloud services.

Why choose Fortem’s public cloud solutions?

Implementing public cloud solutions with Fortem-IT offers significant advantages, propelling your business with enhanced technology capabilities.

Scalability and flexibility

Easily scale your resources up or down based on business needs, providing unmatched flexibility.


Reduce infrastructure costs with a pay-as-you-go pricing model, only paying for what you use.

Innovation and agility

Access to cutting-edge technologies and the ability to rapidly deploy new applications or services.

Global reach and accessibility

Leverage the global network of public cloud providers to enhance accessibility and expand reach.

Enhanced security and reliability

Benefit from the robust security measures and high reliability of leading public cloud platforms.

Data-driven decision making

Utilise advanced analytics and big data capabilities available in public cloud services for informed decision-making.

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Public Cloud FAQs

What exactly is a public cloud?

A public cloud is a cloud computing model where computing services are offered over the internet by third-party providers, available to anyone who wishes to use or purchase them.

How does Fortem-IT ensure data security in the public cloud?

We implement industry-leading security practices, including encryption and compliance checks, to ensure your data remains secure in the public cloud.

Can Fortem-IT customise public cloud solutions for specific industry needs?

Yes, we offer customised public cloud solutions designed to meet the unique challenges and requirements of different industries.

What makes public cloud cost-effective compared to traditional IT infrastructure?

Public cloud eliminates the need for significant capital investment in hardware and reduces ongoing maintenance costs, offering a pay-for-what-you-use model.

How does Fortem-IT handle public cloud migrations?

Our approach to migration is structured and methodical, ensuring minimal disruption to business operations, data integrity, and security.

Does Fortem-IT provide ongoing support and management for public cloud environments?

Absolutely, we offer ongoing management and support services to ensure your public cloud environment is always running optimally.



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