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Transform the way your business communicates and collaborates with Fortem-IT’s Microsoft Teams solutions. As a hub for teamwork in Office 365, Microsoft Teams brings together chat, meetings, calling, and collaboration into one integrated app. Our expertise in deploying and managing Microsoft Teams ensures that your business leverages this powerful tool to its fullest potential, fostering a culture of open communication and efficient collaboration.

Our Microsoft Teams solutions

Fortem-IT’s Microsoft Teams services provide a comprehensive suite of solutions to enhance team collaboration and communication.

Teams setup and customisation

Expert configuration and customisation of Microsoft Teams to fit your business’s unique workflow.

Integration with Office 365 and other tools

Seamless integration of Teams with Office 365 apps and other third-party tools for enhanced productivity.

Training and adoption strategies

Comprehensive training programs and adoption strategies to maximise user engagement with Teams.

Security and compliance management

Ensuring your Teams environment is secure and compliant with industry standards.

Teams voice solutions

Implementing and managing Teams voice calling features for a unified communication experience.

Ongoing support and maintenance

Providing continuous support and maintenance for your Microsoft Teams platform.

Why choose Fortem’s Microsoft Teams solutions?

Embracing Fortem-IT’s Microsoft Teams solutions offers significant benefits, streamlining communication and collaboration across your organsation.

Enhanced team collaboration

Facilitate real-time collaboration with chat, video conferencing, and file sharing capabilities.

Improved productivity

Streamline workflows and reduce email overload by centralising communication in Teams.

Flexible and remote working support

Support remote and hybrid working models with effective communication tools accessible from anywhere.

Integrated workspace

Consolidate various tools and applications into a single, integrated workspace with Teams.

Robust security and compliance

Benefit from Microsoft’s advanced security features to protect your data and communications.

Scalable solution for any size business:

Microsoft Teams scales to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes, from small startups to large enterprises.

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Microsoft Teams FAQs

What makes Microsoft Teams different from other collaboration tools?

Teams integrates closely with Office 365, providing a more unified and seamless collaboration experience than many standalone tools.

Can Fortem-IT customise Microsoft Teams to fit our specific business requirements?

Yes, we specialise in customising Teams to align with your specific business processes and communication needs.

How does Fortem-IT ensure the security of our communications on Teams?

We implement Microsoft’s robust security protocols and provide guidance on best practices to maintain the security of your communications.

Does Microsoft Teams support external collaboration?

Yes, Teams allows you to collaborate securely with clients and partners outside your organisation.

Can Fortem-IT integrate existing tools with Microsoft Teams?

Absolutely, we can integrate a wide range of tools and applications with Teams for a cohesive workflow.

What training does Fortem-IT provide for Microsoft Teams?

We offer comprehensive training covering all aspects of Teams, from basic usage to advanced features, ensuring your team can make the most of the platform.



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