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IT audit services

Step into a world of clarity and strategic foresight with our IT audit services. Our comprehensive IT audits delve deep into your infrastructure, identifying opportunities for improvement, optimisation, and innovation. We go beyond mere assessment; we provide insights and recommendations that align your IT environment with your business goals.

Our IT audit services

Discover the true potential of your IT assets and pave the way for enhanced performance and growth.

System performance analysis

Evaluating the efficiency and effectiveness of your current systems and technologies.

Security and risk assessment

Identifying potential vulnerabilities and assessing risk levels within your IT environment.

Compliance review

Ensuring your IT practices adhere to industry standards and regulatory requirements.

Network evaluation

Analysing your network setup for optimal performance and security.

Data management and storage audit

Assessing data storage, backup, and recovery processes for integrity and efficiency.

IT policy and procedure review

Evaluating your IT policies and procedures for alignment with best practices and business objectives.

Why choose Fortem’s IT audit?

Benefit from a comprehensive IT audit by Fortem-IT, designed to enhance your IT infrastructure’s efficiency, security, and alignment with business goals.

Enhanced system performance

Identify and rectify bottlenecks to boost overall IT efficiency and productivity.

Improved security posture

Strengthen your defenses by addressing vulnerabilities identified during the audit.

Compliance assurance

Ensure your IT practices meet legal and industry-specific compliance requirements.

Optimised network functionality

Gain insights into network performance improvements for better connectivity and collaboration.

Data Integrity and safety

Safeguard critical business data with improved storage and backup solutions.

Aligned IT strategy

Align your IT infrastructure with your broader business strategy for maximised effectiveness.

IT audit FAQs

What does an IT audit by Fortem-IT involve?

Our IT audit encompasses a thorough analysis of your IT systems, security, network, data management, and policies to identify areas for improvement and ensure compliance with standards.

How long does an IT audit typically take?

The duration of an IT audit varies depending on the size and complexity of your IT infrastructure. We aim to conduct audits with minimal disruption to your daily operations.

Can Fortem-IT customise the IT audit to focus on specific areas?

Yes, we can tailor the IT Audit to concentrate on particular areas of concern or interest within your IT environment.

What happens after the IT audit is completed?

Following the audit, we provide a detailed report with our findings, insights, and actionable recommendations for improvement.

How often should a business conduct an IT audit?

We recommend conducting an IT audit annually or when there are significant changes to your IT infrastructure or business operations.

Does Fortem-IT assist with implementing recommendations post-audit?

Absolutely. We offer comprehensive support in implementing the recommendations from the IT Audit to improve your IT infrastructure.



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