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Backup and continuity services

Navigate through the uncertainties of the digital world with confidence, thanks to Fortem-IT’s backup and continuity services. Our comprehensive solutions are designed to protect your critical data and ensure business operations can continue, no matter what challenges arise. With Fortem-IT, prepare your business for the unexpected, safeguarding your data and securing your operational resilience.

Our backup and continuity solutions

Fortem-IT’s backup and continuity services offer a robust range of solutions to protect your business’s data and ensure uninterrupted operations.

Data backup solutions

Secure and reliable data backup systems to protect against data loss.

Disaster recovery planning

Comprehensive disaster recovery strategies to ensure quick restoration of operations.

Business continuity management

Strategies and solutions to maintain critical business functions during and after disruptions.

Cloud-based backup services

Flexible and scalable cloud backup solutions for enhanced data protection.

Regular data testing and validation

Routine checks to ensure data integrity and the effectiveness of backup systems.

Custom backup and continuity strategies

Tailored solutions to fit the specific needs and scale of your business.

Why choose Fortem’s backup and continuity services?

Embrace the benefits of partnering with Fortem-IT for backup and continuity services, securing your business against data threats and operational downtime.

Data security and protection

Ensure the safety and integrity of your valuable business data.

Minimised downtime

Reduce the risk of prolonged operational downtime in case of data loss or disasters.

Compliance and governance

Adherence to data protection regulations and governance standards.

Enhanced business resilience

Strengthen your business’s ability to withstand and quickly recover from disruptive events.

Peace of mind

Gain confidence in knowing your business is prepared for unexpected challenges.

Scalable solutions

Backup and continuity solutions that grow with your business, adapting to changing needs.

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Backup and continuity FAQs

What makes Fortem-IT’s backup and continuity services unique?

Our services are uniquely tailored to each client, combining the latest technology with a deep understanding of your business’s specific needs for data protection and operational continuity.

How often should backups be performed?

The frequency of backups depends on your business’s data generation and needs. We advise on and implement an optimal backup schedule to ensure data currency and safety.

Can Fortem-IT handle large-scale disaster recovery?

Yes, we are equipped to handle disaster recovery for businesses of all sizes, ensuring quick and efficient restoration of operations.

How does cloud backup differ from traditional backup methods?

Cloud backup offers more flexibility, scalability, and often enhanced security compared to traditional methods, with the added benefit of remote accessibility.

What is the process for restoring data from a backup?

We have streamlined processes for data restoration, ensuring minimal disruption and quick access to your backed-up data.

Does Fortem-IT provide support for setting up a business continuity plan?

Absolutely, we provide comprehensive support in developing and implementing effective business continuity plans tailored to your business.



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