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GDPR compliance services

Embrace the complexities of GDPR compliance with Fortem’s comprehensive solutions. In the digital age, safeguarding personal data is not just a legal requirement but a cornerstone of trust between businesses and their customers. Fortem’s GDPR compliance services are designed to demystify compliance processes, ensuring your business not only meets but exceeds GDPR standards. Partner with us to protect your customers’ data, enhance your reputation, and secure your peace of mind.

Our GDPR compliance solutions

Fortem offers a bespoke suite of GDPR compliance services, meticulously crafted to ensure your business adheres to the highest standards of data protection and privacy.

GDPR readiness assessment

Conducting thorough assessments to identify gaps in your current data protection practices and providing actionable insights for compliance.

Policy development and implementation

Crafting and implementing robust data protection policies tailored to your organisation’s specific needs, ensuring GDPR compliance.

Data protection officer services

Offering expert DPO services to guide your data protection strategy, manage data processing records, and act as a liaison with regulatory bodies.

Staff training and awareness programmes

Delivering comprehensive training and awareness programmes to ensure your staff understand GDPR requirements and the importance of compliance.

Data processing and security audits

Performing detailed audits of data processing activities and security measures to identify and mitigate potential risks.

Compliance monitoring and updating

Providing ongoing monitoring and updates to ensure continuous compliance with GDPR as your business evolves and regulations change.

Why choose Fortem’s GDPR compliance services?

Leveraging Fortem’s GDPR compliance solutions offers pivotal benefits, fortifying your data protection efforts and fostering a culture of privacy.

Enhanced data security

Strengthen your defences against data breaches and cyber threats, safeguarding sensitive customer information.

Regulatory compliance

Ensure full compliance with GDPR, avoiding potentially hefty fines and legal complications.

Reputation management

Build and maintain trust with your customers and stakeholders by demonstrating a commitment to data privacy and protection.

Reduce risk

Minimise the risk of data breaches and associated reputational damage by implementing stringent data protection measures.

Operational efficiency

Streamline data handling processes, improving efficiency while ensuring data is managed securely and in compliance with GDPR.

Strategic data use

Enhance decision-making and business strategies with a clear understanding of what data can be legally and ethically used.

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GDPR compliance FAQs

What is GDPR and who needs to comply?

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a comprehensive data protection law that applies to all organisations processing the personal data of individuals in the EU, regardless of the organisation’s location.

How can Fortem help my business comply with GDPR?

Fortem provides end-to-end GDPR compliance solutions, from initial assessments to policy development, staff training, and ongoing compliance support.

What happens if my business is not GDPR compliant?

Non-compliance can result in significant fines, legal action, and damage to your organisation’s reputation.

Can Fortem provide GDPR training for my employees?

Yes, we offer bespoke training programmes designed to educate your employees on GDPR compliance and best practices in data protection.

How often should my business review its GDPR compliance?

GDPR compliance is an ongoing process. It’s recommended to conduct regular reviews, especially when introducing new data processing activities or changes in legislation.

Does GDPR only apply to digital data?

No, GDPR applies to both digital and paper records if the data can identify an individual directly or indirectly.



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