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Seamless and efficient video conferencing

In a world where remote collaboration is more important than ever, Fortem-IT’s video conferencing solutions bring your team together, no matter where they are. Our cutting-edge video conferencing technology ensures that distance is no barrier to effective communication and collaboration. With high-quality audio and video, easy-to-use interfaces, and reliable connectivity, our solutions are designed to make your virtual meetings as productive as in-person ones. Connect, collaborate, and conquer with Fortem-IT’s video conferencing solutions.

Our video conferencing solutions

Fortem-IT offers comprehensive video conferencing services, designed to enhance your remote communication and collaboration capabilities.

Video conferencing system set-up

Installation and configuration of state-of-the-art video conferencing systems tailored to your business needs.

Hardware and software integration

Integration of compatible hardware and software to ensure a smooth and high-quality video conferencing experience.

Customisable meeting rooms

Setting up customisable virtual meeting rooms that cater to various meeting types and sizes.

Training and user support

Comprehensive training for your team on using video conferencing tools effectively, along with ongoing user support.

Mobile and desktop solutions

Providing solutions for both mobile and desktop platforms to facilitate on-the-go and remote meetings.

Security and compliance

Ensuring your video conferencing solutions are secure and compliant with industry standards and regulations.

Why choose Fortem’s Video Conferencing solutions?

Utilizing Video Conferencing solutions from Fortem-IT brings significant benefits, streamlining communication in today’s digital workplace.

Enhanced collaboration

Facilitate real-time collaboration with teams and clients, regardless of location, enhancing productivity and decision-making.

Cost and time savings

Significantly reduce travel costs and time spent on commuting, optimising operational efficiency.

Flexible and accessible

Conduct meetings from anywhere, providing flexibility and convenience for remote and on-site employees.

Improved communication quality

Experience high-quality audio and video, ensuring clear communication and effective presentations.

Scalable solutions

Easily scale your video conferencing capabilities to accommodate business growth and evolving needs.

Enhanced security

Securely conduct meetings with end-to-end encryption and advanced security features.

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Video conferencing FAQs

What are the key features of Fortem-IT’s video conferencing solutions?

Our solutions offer high-quality audio and video, ease of use, integration with other tools, customisable meeting rooms, and robust security features.

How do Fortem-IT’s solutions ensure the security of video conferences?

We employ end-to-end encryption, secure access controls, and adhere to compliance standards to ensure the security and privacy of your video conferences.

Can the video conferencing system be integrated with existing office systems?

Yes, we specialise in integrating video conferencing solutions with your existing office systems and workflows.

Are the solutions scalable for businesses of all sizes?

Absolutely, our video conferencing solutions are scalable and suitable for businesses of any size, from small teams to large enterprises.

How user-friendly are Fortem-IT’s video conferencing solutions?

Our solutions are designed with user-friendliness in mind, featuring intuitive interfaces and straightforward controls.

Does Fortem-IT provide training and support for these solutions?

Yes, we provide complete training and ongoing support to ensure your team can fully leverage the benefits of video conferencing.



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