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Fortem-IT Security First Event

16th February 2023. 

Please register your details below to gain access to this informative free event based around cyber security for the modern business!

 This event specifically focuses on modern cyber security solutions for modern businesses that want to stay ahead of the ever-changing threat landscape of cyber security. This insightful event will be held at the Radisson Blu in Leicester Square in the Hampshire penthouse. 


Event Location 

The Security First event will be held at the Radisson Blu Hotel’s Edwardian Penthouse. You will be greeted with welcome drinks as you head up to the top floor. 


9:30 am – Arrival and registration

10:00 am – Welcome and introductions

10:15 am – Insight into the cyber criminal’s mind – Hinesh Mehta – West Midlands Police

11:00 am – Coffee break 

11:15 am – An insight into the Darkweb and what they know about you – KELA

11:50 am – How do customers know your emails are from you? – Redsift 

12:25 pm – Lunch

1:30 pm – Ethical Hacker demonstration – Tal Kollender – Gytpol

2:00 pm – How an XDR can help your security posture – Barracuda 

2:30 pm – Coffee break

3:00 pm – Maximising your human firewall – education and prevention – KnowBe4 

3:30 pm – Who has the keys to your devices and the data – Yubico 

4:00pm – Q&A/Fireside chat – Cybersecurity landscape 

4:30pm – HPE Networking hour @ Ruby Blue Bar (2 mins walk from the Radisson Blu)



We’re still adding to this awesome Agenda! Stay tuned for more exciting updates.


Guest Speakers

We have a fantatsic array of presenters from our cutting edge cyber security vendors as well being able to invite most previlent cyber crime enforcers within The UK.

Tal Kollender 

Ethical Cyber Hacker and CEO of Gytpol

Tal is the CEO and co-founder of Gytpol.  In her teenage years she was a professional hacker, always on the hunt to crack open what seemed impossible, always on the lookout for IT challenges.

As part of her Israeli army service Tal had her sights set on becoming a fighter pilot. Later, the IDF re-assigned her to the IT Corp Cyber Security-Systems Division, where she served as an ICT cyber specialist.

Her professional career took her to Dell EMC where she was Cyber expert & System Security Architect before creating Gytpol with her co-founders.


Hinesh Mehta

Cyber Crime Unit Manager, Detective Inspector.

Hinesh has specialised in exploiting technology to assist in the most serious of crimes including murder and kidnap.  Hinesh has been heavily involved with shaping the police response to cybercrime in establishing four new teams.

Hinesh has been a police officer for over 16 years, most recently the Detective Inspector for the Regional Cyber Crime Unit.  The majority of his service has been spent as a detective in various departments, including murder investigation and he started the country’s first Digital Media Investigator Unit.

Thank you to our Vendors