Complexity is the enemy of security, and latent risks are the enemy of up-time. As your AWS and VMware environments grow, there’s a nasty tendency for complexity and configuration drift to take hold.

Runecast Analyzer’s proactive analysis can save the day; identifying latent risks before they are able to impact service, highlighting non-compliances and showing a clear path to remediation.

In this session, vExpert, Kev Johnson, will show how Runecast Analyzer can really help you to secure your environments, reduce risks, ensure compliance with your security standards, and help you to plan for the future. Strap in, it’ll be rocket paced!

First recorded  – Thursday 17th September – 3pm (BST) – Recorded length – 55 minutes.

Webinar Preview

Typically Runecast Analyzer delivers:

– 75-85% reduction in time spent troubleshooting.
– 80%+ reduction in VMware incidents and issues.
– Minimal time to value: go from downloading the appliance to having actionable data in minutes.
– Significant ROI, this case study highlights a £70,000 annual saving.

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