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Get the most out of your licensing with Fortem-IT’s Microsoft Cloud review service

Unlock the full potential of your Microsoft Cloud investment with our cutting-edge review service. Gain unparalleled visibility into your Microsoft cloud usage through a meticulously crafted report and analysis. Seamlessly identify optimisation opportunities, enhance your Microsoft technology adoption, and uncover potential cost savings. All of your data, at your fingertips.

In a structured 30-day engagement, our service delivers a custom report that includes a breakdown of your current license spend, identifies optimisation opportunities, highlights potential cost savings, and provides analytics on the adoption

Getting the most out of your Microsoft licensing with Fortem-IT

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Experience instant results with Microsoft Cloud review. Unlock the following benefits:

  • 30-day engagement
  • All Microsoft agreement types covered
  • Custom report provided
  • Full access to the data
  • Quick to deploy
  • Access to Microsoft specialists

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Alignment with FinOps Methodology:

Ensures alignment with financial operations best practices for effective financial management.

Transparent Cost Breakdown:

Provides a clear and transparent breakdown of costs associated with your Azure environment.

Easy access reports

As well as the report provided, you will have full access to the platform for any additional data you require.

Access to Microsoft Specialists:

you will have access to a dedicated Microsoft specialist. We’ll provide a tailored report which will include optimisation recommendations.