Get the most out of Your licensing with Fortem-IT’s Microsoft Cloud Review Service.

Inform, optimise, Operate.


Optimising Your Microsoft Cloud Experience

Unlock the full potential of your Microsoft Cloud investment with our cutting-edge review service. Gain unparalleled visibility into your Microsoft cloud usage through a meticulously crafted report and analysis. Seamlessly identify optimisation opportunities, enhance your Microsoft technology adoption, and uncover potential cost savings. All of your data, at your fingertips.

In a structured 30-day engagement, our service delivers a custom report that includes a breakdown of your current license spend, identifies optimisation opportunities, highlights potential cost savings, and provides analytics on the adoption

Getting the most out of your Microsoft Licensing with Fortem-IT

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Cloud Review Sample Report

Review benefits, results you can see, instantly.

Experience instant results with Microsoft cloud review. Unlock the following benefits:

  • 30-day engagement
  • All Microsoft agreement types covered
  • Custom report provided
  • Full access to the data
  • Quick to deploy
  • Access to Microsoft specialists

Whats in it for you?

Alignment with FinOps Methodology: Ensures alignment with financial operations best practices for effective financial management.

Transparent Cost Breakdown: Provides a clear and transparent breakdown of costs across all Microsoft agreements.

Over a 30-day engagement period, you will have access to a dedicated Microsoft specialist. We’ll provide a tailored report which will include optimisation recommendations.

As well as the report provided, you will have full access to the platform for any additional data you require. 

The Process of your Review, a 30 day journey


30-Day Microsoft Cloud Review Process:

Initiation and Onboarding

Engage with your Fortem-IT account manager

Begin the 15-minute onboarding process to the Microsoft Cloud Review platform.

 Data collection 

The platform will collect data from your Microsoft tenant for 14 days to allow usage trends and patterns to be identified. 

Report generation

Based on the data collected, we generate a customised report tailored to your business goals and industry standards.

Fortem-IT focuses on not only addressing identified issues, but also enhancing overall performance.

Recommendations are formulated to identify potential cost savings, licence reallocation and licence reclassification.

Platform demonstration and access

 Demonstration provided before full access to all data is granted to customer for a set time period. 

Final Review

Conduct a comprehensive review meeting to validate report details and address any additional questions regarding the data presented on the customer platform.

End of engagement

Customer access to the platform revoked and optimised Microsoft licensing quote provided by Fortem-IT

Post 30 Days: Continuous Support

Fortem-IT remains committed to your success, providing continuous support and addressing any post-review queries or additional requirements.

Our aim is to ensure a lasting and positive impact on the efficiency and security of your Microsoft cloud environment.

Embark on a 30-day journey with Fortem-IT to transform your Microsoft cloud environment. Elevate your cloud experience, boost efficiency, and fortify your security—contact us today to begin this strategic investment in the future of your organisation.

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