Fortem IT Support Services

Business IT Support Services

Tailored support to minimise risk and down-time

Fortem IT provides tailored break-fix services and helpdesk support to provide insurance against hardware and software failures, thus minimising risk and downtime. There are many reasons ageing hardware needs to be maintained and supported and it is not always practical to or cost effective to default to the manufacturers own support offerings. Fortem IT take a pragmatic approach to offering the best possible support solution to accommodate the required service level and budget and currently maintains servers and other critical infrastructure across three continents.

Our global reach can provide on-site resource in 176 countries. If you have a UK-based IT team but need to support a global enterprise, it can be very costly to provide the necessary ad-hoc engineering resource that is inevitably required from time to time. There is the cost of flights, hotels and time out of the business to consider. If you need an engineer in Cape Town to repair a tape drive, or a server installed in Luxembourg, let Fortem IT take care of it for you. We are also able to deploy large scale, international refreshes of desktops, networking and communication infrastructure.

Customer centric support solutions

To help support your more complex deployments of key technologies, such as Virtual Infrastructure, Networking, and Data Management, Fortem IT offers several technical support options. These are designed to provide you with the flexibility to choose the service level that best matches your needs. Fortem IT is able to support technologies such as Microsoft, VMware, Citrix, Cisco, HP, Nimble, Netapp, HDS and many others. The support services available include telephone, online and on-site, depending upon your specific requirements.

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