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Better planning for your technology

Our leasing solutions offer greater transparency and planning certainty.

By avoiding costly purchases, you can keep your IT infrastructure up to date and ensure that you can respond flexibly to future requirements.

  • Lifecycle Management
    Spread the cost of the equipment over its economic useful life
  • Refresh Programme
    A leasing schedule allows you to implement an upgrade strategy with clear future planning
  • Lower cost of ownership
    The sum of the rentals will typically be lower than the capital cost of the equipment
  • Budget Forecasting
    Leasing provides greater budget control with transparency between income and expenditure
  • Planning
    Leasing allows you to accurately forecast which equipment needs to be replaced up to 12 months before the lease end allowing you to easily plan your equipment replacement requirements

Device as a service

Device as a Service is a low monthly subscription that allows you to view the cost of IT investment as a cost per employee. The clarity of pricing helps with making accurate and informed decisions around IT investment and choosing the best products for your staff to work more effectively.

  • Up to date technology
  • Flexibility
  • Predictable and transparent costs
  • Fully tax deductible

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