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Flow Visualization

Visually map all application workloads, down to the process level.

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Granular security controls for workloads wherever they reside.

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Reputation Analysis

Instantly detect suspicious domain names, IP addresses and file hashes within flows.

How Guardicore Centra Works

Getting started with Guardicore

Expanding Firewall Capabilities for Simpler Enforcement & Segmentation

Easily Build a Good Segmentation Policy with Full Visibility

How to Make Segmentation Fast & Simple with a Single Policy

Securing the modern Law Firm – Protection for critical applications and client data

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Why Guardicore?

The Guardicore Centra Security Platform makes visualizing and securing on-premises and cloud workloads fast and simple.

It creates human-readable views of your complete infrastructure – from the data center to the cloud – with fast and intuitive workflows for segmentation policy creation.