Education Readiness – Ensuring Your Organisation Is Ready

As the world responds to the outbreak of COVID-19, our thoughts are with those affected and the emergency services, working around the clock keeping us safe.


At Fortem-IT, we are working to do our part, by ensuring the safety of our staff and customers, we are also offering advice, technology tips and providing resources to our clients and followers to help them do their best, whether working remotely or on-site.


This week we are looking at education readiness, the jury is out as to whether schools should be opening so soon, but for a large number of education professionals and children up and down the country, this is a reality.


We have put together a top 5 on Education Readiness – ensuring your organisation is ready and prepared as you head back into your place of work.

1 – Security and data protection


It’s fair to say that the world will be a very different place once the world has recovered from the outbreak. With many services being quickly adopted and rolled out to enable remote teaching and learning, securing and protecting these systems is going to be more important than ever. 


Multi-factor authentication and data Loss prevention should be considered and implemented to provide additional layers of protection. We work with a wide range of security solutions, and our team are more than happy to discuss multi-factor authentication (MFA) or single sign-on (SSO). 


In the wake of the EasyJet breach and hack, network security is a hot topic and is still as important as ever. We can run a simulated attack on your network to see how secure you really are against emerging cyberthreats.

2 – Realigning budgets


As the majority of budgets are being realigned to accommodate for a post-COVID-19 world, the need for careful planning and expenditure should be managed and maintained. Previously scheduled summer projects will need to be reviewed and reclassified, taking into account how critical they are to individual business units. 


Finance teams will need to work closely with IT partners to ensure correct financial help and ensure plans are adopted in line with post-COVID-19 budgets. In an effort to keep planned projects on track, many of our clients have spoken to us about our range of finance options, including sale and leaseback, to help raise capital.


We are more than happy to discuss these with you as we all start returning to normality, give us a call on 0845 519 4055 to discuss. 

3 – Procurement lead-times

The impact of Covid-19 impacted hardware lead-times, this meant that most of the easily accessible consumables such as keyboards, mice, webcams, etc. had lead-times extend from beyond a few days to weeks or even months. Careful reviewing of day-to-day hardware and supply chain availability should be factored in. 


While it can be hard to predict when a pandemic will hit, having a backup of equipment and IT peripherals just makes sense. We are able to stock hold and can deliver a wide range of products and equipment.

4 – Strategic planning

In conjunction with your IT service provider, strategic planning is extremely important. Ensuring your business continuity, disaster recovery and back-up solutions meet availability and service uptime targets will be essential. 


Our experience working with large government organisations has ensured that we are always aware of the worst-case scenario, we are able to go through your current disaster recovery and business continuity plan, make suggestions and even test your current setup. As the adage goes, you’re only as strong as your weakest link.

5 – Strengthening remote working capabilities

With the majority of the education sector utilising collaboration tools such as Microsoft Teams and Google Classroom to deliver remotely, now is the time to review how these capabilities can strengthen the future of the classroom. 


These tools have been essential to ensure communication between educator and students, however, review of these tools should be undertaken to ensure they meet governance and safeguarding policies. In addition, scaling these access tools to meet licensing capabilities and concurrency of large student numbers should now be a priority.

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