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Cymulate’s breach and attack simulation platform is used by security teams to determine their security gaps within seconds and remediate them. It’s become way too complicated to check how exposed you are to cyber threats. 

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How to optimise the effectiveness of your Security Controls in minutes

Cyber attacks on your business are continuous, and so your defences need to be too. But how often can you check or test for vulnerabilities, especially against zero days or when you deploy new apps or infrastructure?

A Breach and Attack Simulation platform helps organisations protect themselves against both existing attacks and targeted campaigns that leverage the current situation, such as remote workers accessing the network, or the connection to newly deployed cloud environments.

With Cymulate and Fortem IT, you can validate and manage your security posture in three simple steps – it’s as simple as a few clicks.

Breach and attack simulation made easy. We’ll show you how to setup your free threat assessment subscription – Recorded May 12 2020 – Duration – 61 mins.

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Continuous Security Validation Across the Full Kill Chain

Every day brings new threats to avoid, new solutions to buy and deploy, new technologies to learn and new skills to acquire. Even after all that hard work—when you believe you’re fully protected-new, more sophisticated threats suddenly emerge.

Cymulate is an award-winning SaaS-based Breach and Attack Simulation (BAS) platform that makes it simple to know and optimize your security posture any time, all the time.

Fully automated and customizable, Cymulate challenges your security controls against the full attack kill chain with thousands of simulated cyber attacks, both common and novel.

Testing both internal and external defenses, the attack simulations show you exactly where you’re exposed and how to fix it-making security fast, continuous, and part of every-day activities.

With 360° visibility and actionable reporting, Cymulate shortens test cycles and offers a counter-breach assessment technology that empowers security leaders to validate the effectiveness of their current security controls by taking a proactive approach to their cyber stance, so they can stay one step ahead of attackers. Always.

Validate and manage your security posture in three simple steps

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Comprehensive Multi- Vector Assessment

Email Gateway

Test against infected emails containing attachments with suspicious file structures and extensions that mimic ransomware, malware, worms, dangerous links and more.

Web Application Firewall Vector | Cymulate Breach and Attack Simulation
Web Application Firewall

Send OWASP Top 10 payloads to test the configuration and behavior of your Web Application Firewall (WAF).

Data Exfiltration Vector | Cymulate Breach and Attack Simulation
Data Exfiltration

Test the effectiveness of your DLP by attempting to extract sensitive data such as payment information, PII, health records, custom regex and more.

Lateral Movement Vector | Cymulate Breach and Attack Simulation
Lateral Movement

Map potential attack paths and vulnerability points in your network resulting from misconfigurations, network architecture flaws, and other exploits.

Full Kill-Chain APT

Cymulate tests every attack vector to simulate a full-blown Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) – from pre-exploitation, to exploitation and post-exploitation.

Phishing Awareness Vector | Cymulate Breach and Attack Simulation
Phishing Awareness

Create customized phishing campaigns to find weak links and raise employee awareness of risky behaviors.

Web Gateway Vector | Cymulate Breach and Attack Simulation
Web Gateway

Simulate malicious inbound traffic to check whether connections to dangerous sites are blocked, and attempts to download exploits onto workstations are foiled.

Endpoint Security Vector | Cymulate Breach and Attack Simulation
Endpoint Security

Verify that your solution can catch behavior-based and signature-based indicators of compromise (IoCs) on dedicated endpoints using various execution methods.

Run a simple attack simulation to find your security gaps

With a Research Lab that keeps abreast of the very latest threats, Cymulate proactively challenges security controls, allowing hyper-connected organizations to avert damage and stay safe.

Founded by an elite team of cyber researchers with world-class experience in offensive cyber solutions, Cymulate is trusted by companies worldwide, from small businesses to large enterprises, including leading banks and financial services.

They share our vision-to make it simple for anyone to protect their company with the highest levels of security. Because the simpler cybersecurity is, the more secure your company-and every company-will be.

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Run a simple attack simulation to find your security gaps, Contact us for a demo or get started with a free trial.

Security leaders should engage in a continuous security posture assessment, applied to its highest risk threat vectors

Here are 3 methods you can take now to achieve proactive cyber posture management.

1. Have the right tools in place.

Many companies just check a box on the types of security controls they believe their organization should have. It’s crucial to make sure you have the right products in place, and they are working as expected. Ask a company for a POC before you buy their security product.

You can test existing security controls using vulnerability scanners, pen testing, or breach and attack simulation technology. Read the whitepaper to understand the differences and which approach is best for you.

2. Think like an attacker.
Sun Tzu put it best when he said, “To know your enemy, you must become your enemy.” Understand the strengths and weaknesses of your defenses. Instead of telling yourself, “my security controls are setup to protect against this attack”, ask yourself “How would an adversary attack, and would my defenses actually work against a potential attack?”.

3. Continuously test and retest.
Possibly the riskiest if not performed. When changes are made, it is crucial to test and reevaluate that everything is working as expected. Watch the video to see how security teams can handle constant change.