Get insights and reporting into your Microsoft Azure consumption with Azure cost Analysis

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Fortem-IT is excited to introduce our latest offering, the “Azure Cost Analysis” service, meticulously crafted to optimise and enhance your Azure cloud environment. In an era where digital transformation is imperative, ensuring the cost-effectiveness and financial efficiency of your cloud infrastructure is crucial.

Our comprehensive Azure Cost Analysis service is designed to meet this objective by leveraging data and A.I analytics to provide custom reporting and a cost optimisation strategy tailored to your organisation’s distinct needs.

Fortem-IT’s Azure Cost Analysis is more than just a service; it’s a strategic investment in shaping the fiscal future of your organisation. Enhance your cloud financial management, optimise costs, and secure your budget with our customised solutions. Contact us today to embark on a journey towards a more economically resilient and streamlined Azure cloud environment.

Azure Cost Analysis is a free-of-charge service that is provided to all Fortem-IT Azure Customers. To uncover tailored insights and transform your cloud efficiency, start now and click the button below.

Getting the most out Your Azure Suite with Fortem-IT!

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Unlock Insights, Empower decisions with results you can see instantly

Experience instant results with Azure cost analysis. Unlock the following benefits:

  • Tailored Cost Optimisation
  • Expert Analysis
  • Utilisation Optimisation 
  • Security Fortification
  • Transparent Reporting

Whats in it for you?

Alignment with FinOps Methodology: Ensures alignment with financial operations best practices for effective financial management.

Transparent Cost Breakdown: Provides a clear and transparent breakdown of costs associated with your Azure environment.

Departmental or Project Cross-Charging: Enables easy allocation and tracking of costs by department or project, enhancing budget control.

Access to Microsoft Specialists: Benefit from access to Microsoft specialists for expert guidance and support.

Historical Data for Informed Decision-Making: Provides 12-month historic data, empowering informed decision-making based on past trends and patterns.

An insight into your Azure Cost Analysis Journey 

Initiation and Onboarding

Identify your Azure cost analysis opportunity and engage with your Fortem-IT Account Manager.

Begin the 15 minute onboarding process to the Azure Cost Analysis platform.

Kick-Off Call and Platform Demo

Participate in a detailed demo to familiarise yourself with the features and functionalities of the Azure Cost Analysis Platform.

Data Collection and Reporting

Once the onboarding process is complete, explore your Azure consumption data within 24 hours.

Work with Fortem-IT to determine your tailored reporting requirements.

Receive monthly Recommendations and Optimisation Opportunities

Fortem-IT will provide you with monthly smart analytics reporting where you will receive personalised recommendations for optimising your Azure environment.

Identify potential cost-saving opportunities and explore suggestions for VM optimisation.

Quarterly or Monthly Review (Based on Spending)

If your monthly spend exceeds £10,000, receive a detailed quarterly review highlighting key insights and recommendations.

For customers with a monthly spend surpassing £50,000, enjoy the added benefit of a monthly review for more frequent updates.

Continuous Support and Reporting Access 

Continue to benefit from full transparency and engagement with your Azure consumption data.

Access the platform to create additional reports and custom dashboards based on your specific interests and requirements.