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Get insights and reporting into your Microsoft Azure consumption with Azure cost analysis

Azure Cost Analysis is a free-of-charge service that is provided to all Fortem-IT Azure Customers. To uncover tailored insights and transform your cloud efficiency, start now and click the button below.

Getting the most out of your Azure suite with Fortem-IT

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Experience instant results with Azure cost analysis. Unlock the following benefits:

  • Tailored Cost Optimisation
  • Expert Analysis
  • Utilisation Optimisation 
  • Security Fortification
  • Transparent Reporting

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Alignment with FinOps Methodology:

Ensures alignment with financial operations best practices for effective financial management.

Transparent Cost Breakdown:

Provides a clear and transparent breakdown of costs associated with your Azure environment.

Departmental or Project Cross-Charging:

Enables easy allocation and tracking of costs by department or project, enhancing budget control.

Access to Microsoft Specialists:

Benefit from access to Microsoft specialists for expert guidance and support.

Historical Data for Informed Decision-Making

Provides 12-month historic data, empowering informed decision-making based on past trends and patterns.