Untangle the knot of 21st Century IT with the only complete solution that combines powerful backup, disaster recovery, high availability, and email archiving technologies. Eliminate downtime and data loss in any location, from your applications and systems, at your premises and in your clouds.

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We know the market is competitive and you have options to choose from but here are a few reasons why you should consider Arcserve before you make a final decision..
Arcserve’s solutions aren’t just about backup, anyone can do that, it’s about recovery, ease of management, business continuity and being able to manage and prove the SLA’s that have been demanded by management.

Arcserve’s award-winning portfolio is helping to deliver a Disaster Avoidance philosophy across all verticals in the market place with a solution that is feature rich and easy to manage, encompassing on premise, public and private cloud solutions and infrastructure.

This even extends into O365 data protection with some key functionality beneficial to legislation requirements of GDPR.

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Established in 1983, Arcserve is the world’s most experienced provider of business continuity solutions that protect the priceless data of organizations in over 150 countries.


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Arcserve are leading the industry with bold ideas that back the most tried-and-tested solutions to today’s biggest data protection challenges. Get usable expertise by exploring there unique viewpoints.

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Download  the Ransomware Readiness Campaign Assessment and Consumer Loyalty PDF’s

Ransomware readiness

Download  the Ransomware Readiness Campaign Assessment PDF

Ransomware & Consumer Loyalty

Data and ransomware protection is critical to earning—and keeping—customer loyalty, download Ransomware’s Stunning Impact on Consumer Loyalty and Purchasing Behavior.


Prevent Data Loss Protect business-critical data from being damaged or destroyed. Back up and immediately restore access to your critical files, systems, and databases to prevent costly business disasters.

Data Loss

Protect business-critical data from being damaged or destroyed. Back up and immediately restore access to your critical files, systems, and databases to prevent costly business disasters.


Restore business operations quickly with near-zero data loss. Instantly recover critical systems, applications, and data – so you can preserve your revenue, productivity, and reputation.

Manage Legal
Compliance Risk

Simplify legal discovery and compliance audits. Stay compliant and meet long-term retention targets for a variety of regulations, including GDPR, HIPAA, SOX, and ITAR.

Reduce IT

Cut storage capacity requirements and manage data protection from a single console. Untangle the knot of 21st Century IT and reclaim up to 50% more time.

Cut Data
Protection Costs

Reduce both operating expenses (OPEX) and capital expenditure (CAPEX) with data protection solutions that dramatically lower your total cost of ownership (TCO).

Streamline IT operations and unify all business continuity efforts across your entire organization.

Eliminate Data Loss from Cyber-Attacks & Ransomware

Fortify your business systems and applications against downtime and data loss from malicious threats. With unique capabilities not found anywhere else, you eradicate the impact of ransomware and carry on business as usual – no ransom required.

Increase Stakeholder Transparency

Use advanced reporting and analytics to build confidence and consensus among data protection stakeholders. Deploy built-in, fully-automated disaster recovery testing of systems, applications, and data without business downtime or impact to production systems.

Manage and Protect Cloud Workloads

Transform your IT infrastructure with multi-cloud and cross-cloud data protection. Private or public cloud, your data and systems remain secure and always available.

Protect Microsoft Office 365 Data

Gain control and fully safeguard your cloud data with the most feature-rich and easiest-to-use backup and granular recovery for Office 365.

Arcserve: The world's most experienced data protection experts

For more than 30 years, Arcserve has been a catalyst for IT transformation by redefining how organizations all over the world protect their priceless digital assets.


As the world’s most experienced provider of backup and disaster recovery solutions, for 35 years arceserve have been solving the challenges of IT teams by bringing innovation, ambition, and countless hours of iteration to the solutions they rely on to keep businesses running smoothly. In the process, arceserve has redefined the way companies protect their data – the very foundation of modern business in an era where immediate access to critical systems and applications is key to business continuity and essential to continuing growth and success.

Arcserve: Testimonials

University of Cambridge Institute safeguards reputation and business continuity with Arcserve

With its reputation dependent on its ability to facilitate informed debate and educate high-profile individuals, CISL must ensure its virtual servers, as well its data, are protected and continuously available.

Solution Arcserve UDP safeguards 2.5TB of data across 23 physical and virtual servers and automates core processes. Incremental backups, virtual standby servers and data replication provides the institute with a multi-layered approach to recovery management. Benefits With Arcserve UDP, CISL has reduced backup times from 18 to two hours and can quickly recover a server in the event of an incident. This helps to safeguard not only its data but also its reputation and the continuity of its activities.

Spiceworks Arcserve Testimonial

Hear first-hand from Spiceworks Experts on Arcserve Technology.

Arcserve provides exceptional solutions to protect the priceless digital assets of organizations in need of full scale, comprehensive data protection.

Established in 1983, Arcserve is the world’s most experienced provider of business continuity solutions that safeguard multi-generational IT infrastructures with applications and systems in any location, on premises and in the cloud.

Organizations in over 150 countries around the world rely on Arcserve’s highly efficient, integrated technologies and expertise to eliminate the risk of data loss and extended downtime while the reducing the cost and complexity of backing up and restoring data by up to 50 percent.